1. Selective Breeding part 2

    Introducing couple #1: Deltara and Scionaro. Both are 1st generation genetic breeds, but with different genomes. 


    And here are their three sons: Banshu, Bakin and Barnabus.


    Stonera and Kahloo are couple #2. They, too, are 1st generation but with different genomes.


    They had three daughters: Bunny, Biora and Beeva


    "Couple" #3 consisted of one male, Attio, and two females, Bessa and Castia. The three are the same genetic breed, but not directly related to one another. Attio is generation 1, Bessa generation 2, and Castia generation 3.


     Their two eldest sons, Denus and Chacko, were born earlier in the day in a different world. Their third son, Chulak, was bred for this scenario. 


    And last but not least, “couple” #4: Quip is generation 1, Buvo generation 2 and Carlotta, the female, is generation 3.image 

    Their three daughters-Delphi, Dorka and Dusja are 4th generation norns.image 

    More to come in part 3…

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